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A transaction meeting Gamou was to have with Foundation X goes awry when a mysterious woman named Inga Blink steals replica Horoscopes Switches for space warfare. Telling Hayami and Tatsugami not to pursue, Gamou tells them they will have the Kamen Rider Club deal with her. At Amanogawa High School, Mr. Ohsugi takes Gentaro, Yuki, Kengo, and Ryusei out of computer class and takes them to the Rabbit Hatch to meet up with the rest of Kamen Rider Club. There, they meet a strange lady named Shizuka Shirayama who is a member of OSTO Legacy and requests the Club’s assistance. Argeeing to help, the Kamen Rider Club members are taken into a bus and blindfolded for security reasons. But on the way, they are attacked by a robot named Black Knight. Transforming to hold the pursuing Black Knight at bay, Kamen Rider Fourze battles the attacker while Ryusei and the others find themselves boarded by Inga Blink who Ryusei fights while getting her out of the bus. However, Inga destroys the accompanying van to blocks the road while wounding Ryusei with a one-inch punch. When Fourze arrives, warning the Kamen Rider Club not to interfere, Inga summons Black Knight to take her away.

Tipe: Movie Episode: 1 Status: Completed Tayang: 2012 Genre:
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